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Get in shape with no risks

Mens sana in corpore sano. Healthy mind in a healthy body. The phrase, forged by ancient greek, shows that the physical activity was associated to health and it was already the people's ideal more than 2 thousand years ago. Nowadays the specialists keep recomending that we should do physical activity regularly, but not forgetting that the organismo of each person is the direct result of the genetic heritage, of the habits and of the environment where we live.

If getting in shape is one of your goals, see the main doctors and physical education professors recommendations

That happnes because, when used, the muscles demand taht all the body works to fullfil its needs. Almost all system direct tehir efforts to help the muscles to work: the hearth itself is a muscle, beats faster to pumpo more blood; the lungs work full load to supply him with oxygen; the stomach decreases its activity for not spending energy that the muscles can use, etc.

But the sedentary - person that doesn't do any physical exercise - doesn't overload properly his/her systems that, because of it, will weakening starkly in the course of time.
The lack of exercises lead to the progressive decrease of muscle mass and resistance, to the tendency to the fat accumulaton and to the imbalance in the blood composition.

As a result of it, the sedentary takes higher risks to suffer hypertension, heart attack, angina, hemorrhage, osteoporosis, high colesterol, asthma, depression, lung diseases and some kinds of cancer. The fact of a person has been a sportsman/sportswoman or practiced intense physical exercise in his/her youth does not offer protection against diseases if today he/she is sedentary.
The body always needs exercise.

Which one is the best exercise?

It doesn't exist the best or most complete physical activity. Specialists guarantee that the bes exercise is the one the person can do and that gives him/her pleasure. Some demands a minimum degree of physical fitness.

If the person is not in shape, he/she must begin a physical conditioning program before practicing sports.
But the doctors remind that, to do physical exercise, the options go beyond the sports practice or gymnasiums: activities as gardening, going up and down the stairs, walk to the work or back home, accessible to most of the people, also offer benefits if practiced with regularity and criterion. To generate benefits, is necessary that the physical activity:

  • be practiced at least three times a week, at least 20 minutes.
  • Exercise several muscle groups of the extremities and trunk.
  • be appropriate for the age and physical condition of the person (above 35 years old, the exhagerated physical activity, very intense, can bring more damage than benefits); and
  • has the duration time, frequency and load raised slowly and progressively

The moderate activity practiced for a long period of time, without interuptions, is considered to be more effective.

Initiation step by step

The ideal is beggining in childhood, but it is never too late to take care of the health. See how:

  1. define your goals: having more willingness and health, lose weight, reach performance targets, etc;
  2. evaluate your physical preparation grade; (perform a physical evaluation);
  3. choose the activities;
  4. include the exercise in your routine (day and time, frequency).

The most important in the beginning is adequate the effort degree of the exercise to the current physical condition.

For that it is always good to perform an evaluation of:

  • Body structure: it is the proportion between the accumulated fat and the muscle mass of the body. To know how this item is, just calculate the Body Mass Index:

    a BMI under 25 is the ideal. From 25 to 29,9 means overweight and over 30, obesity.

  • Flexibility it is the capacity that the articulations have to move themselves freely in all directions.

  • Muscle strenght and resistance measure, respectively, the quantity of strenght that the muscles can perform and how long can they work without fatigue.

  • Cardiorespiratory capacity, also known as aerobic capacity, is the capacuty of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to provide oxygen to the cells during the extended exercise.

In the clubs and gymnasiums, professors and technicians can perform these tests and orientate the exercises
To perform physical activity at home, it is important to see the doctor and folloow the orientations of the used equipaments. Generally provided by menas of fliers and videos.

Men and women above 30 years old must see a doctor if they intend to practice intense exercises or when they present diseases as diabetes, arterial hypertension and arterioesclerosis or have risk factors to chronic diseases, as nicotine poisoning and obesity.

Democratic, hiking is very effective

Hiking is one of the most popular, simple and effective forms to perform physical activity.

Don't renounce to a goog quality sneakers and comfortable clothes, preferently appropriate to the sport activity.

Nowadays there are appropriate cloths, that make the transpiratin easier and protect against the noxious sunrays, besides other benefits.

Begin with a 15 minutes hiking in a regular and vigorous rythm (in order to raise slightly the heart pace, but allowing you talking without struggle).

When you feel comfortable with this rythm, raise the frequency, speed and time of the hiking. But do not raise more than 10% a week. It is worth to remember the security measures:

  • use the sidewalk, always when it is possible;
  • walk facing the traffic (left side of the street);
  • use bright colors clothes (and reflecting clothes, if you hike at night);
  • perform stretching and relaxation exercises during some minutes before and after hiking;
  • vary the terrain (even and gradient);
  • don't use headsets that prevent you to hear the traffic and pay attention to the cars, bicycles, animals, etc.

choose carefully the shoes, The ideal is hiking with sneakers made specially for this physical activity, comfortable, padded, with the appropriate number (if the sneakers are a tight kind, choose a number higher than the usual one) and in good conditions. Some specialists recommend moisturize the feet.

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