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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions
1. To which people does the method apply?
3. What will be measured?
We will seek to cover all variables that constitute the health profile and global physical constitution of the individual. These variables are present and will be demonstrated in six chapters that compound the method.
4. Where will the works carry out?
The method AvaliacaoFisica.com is intended for use in gyms, spas, sports clubs, schools, universities, medical clinics and aesthetics and sports and physical therapies companies and by all professionals involved with health and with the development of programs of physical conditioning.
5. Why the mesaurements are necessary?
An evaluation of the health conditions of individuals requires, for being reliable, the observation of a certain range of elements that constitute the individual. The elements that integrate the method developed by professor Borba allow you to reach a precise framework for evaluation.
6. Which are the available evaluations in the avaliacaofisica.com system?
The system comprises the following evaluations: - Anamnesis - Anthropometry - Postural - Neuromuscular - Hemodynamic - Reports - Statistical Reports (in percentage or by indexes among them or by quality of life) - A summary of the evaluation and prescription
7. What is the purpose of the measurement?
Subsidizing the verification of the current profile of physical conditioning general and/or the construction of global programs of physical conditioning.