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  - Psychologist with formation in Therapeutic Psicodrama and Systemic Relational Therapy;
- Specialist in Health Promotion for the American University;
- Director of HUMANA - Research, Consulting and Projects in Quality of Life;
- Professor of MBA Executivo Internacional in ISPG - Curitiba PR;
- Coordinator of the Health Promotion Comunication and Defense Comittee in IIHP - Instituto Internacional de Promoção de Saúde;
- President of Associação Brasileira de Qualidade de Vida - Regional Paraná;
- Member of the Advisory Council of the Associação Brasileira de Qualidade de Vida.

All the aware making work that respects ourselves and our life style has the potentially capacity of generate changes in the way we behave.
Thus we can live better, with more quality and healthier.

Change happens through making awareness, evaluating our paradigms. This is the true trajectory of behavior change.

"Fitness" is fundamental in this way. It is about an evaluation instrument of our health and life style, that make us aware about the necessity to change some of out behaviors to prevent or in most cases heal some problem.

It is not enough just live more time, it is fundamental to live better, healthier and with equilibrium.